A Crash Course in Remainders

March 2009
by Richard Carmen

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[Photo caption] A CIROBE scene, complete with attendee checking watch.

[photo credit] Photo courtesy of Helen Raynus.

A Crash Course in Remainders

by Richard Carmen

What can I do with these books? That’s the question my company faced after we published the second edition of one of our more popular medical-scientific titles. Based on the success of the first edition, we projected sales over five years of 10,000, but our guesstimate was too aggressive and optimistic. When the time came to bring out a third edition, we realized that we were going to have a few thousand hardcover and paperback copies of the second left over.

Having had no experience with remainders—after 10 years in business, this was our first overprinting—we decided to attend the largest U.S. remainders event, the Chicago International Remainder & Overstock Book Exposition (CIROBE; cirobe.com), held over three days each October. The cost of attending is low—$25 per person last year for attendees who preregistered, and $40 for those who registered at the door.

Roaming the exposition rooms, I saw about 115 exhibitors, some with only a single six-foot-long table ($1,295 in 2008), some occupying an entire room. I wasn’t quite sure who was selli…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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