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August 2002
by Frances Anne Hernan

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One Sunday afternoon, about 18 months ago, I went to Amazon.com to purchase a book as a gift. Although I had already made up my mind about the book in question (requested by a friend), I found myself reading every customer review. I clicked the read about me feature on one of the reviews and was introduced to Rebecca Brown and her wonderful book review site, www.rebeccasreads.com. The tagline under the heading states, “We offer a world of entertainment, books, reviews, interviews, thoughts, and editorials.”

The scope is very broad; the theme is very simple. Brown says she started the site because she loves books, loves to write, and wants the world to read and read well. Her reviews and those of her staff (including husband/Web master David Brown) cover every subject imaginable and just as many perspectives. The weekly column, “My Thoughts,” offers insights into the reading community and thus life. (Brown has some pet peeves and she does speak her piece).

From a publisher’s point of view, though, the site may be most important as a tool for keeping titles active in the marketplace. Rebeccasreads provides many opportunities to get your titles, including backlist books, out to a very large audience–whatever your specialty may be.


A Closer Look at the Reviewer & Her Site

Brown says that she reads many good books. The r…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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