A Better Way to Sell e-Books at Amazon

June 2007
by Stephanie Chandler

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The New Way to Sell eBooks on Amazon

A Better Way to Sell e-Books at


by Stephanie Chandler


Since Amazon.com acquired
Mobipocket in April 2005, the online bookseller has made some dramatic changes
to its e-book strategy. Publishers and authors are no longer required to set up
an account with Lightning Source to list e-books, and the e-book version of a
title is no longer listed with its print version.


In fact, Amazon no longer indexes
e-books on its site at all. When you browse Amazon?s book categories and click
on ?e-books,? you are directed to a link that takes you out of Amazon.com and
to Mobipocket.com. The reality is that e-books are now sold directly through
that Amazon subsidiary.


A debate is in progress on blogs
across cyberspace about this strategy, since many consumers prefer the old
method of purchasing e-books directly from Amazon. But unless Amazon decides to
change its strategy again, publishers and authors must follow the new policy to
list their e-books for sale.


To manage the process of approving
e-book publishers, Amazon asks publishers to send an email to digitalrights@amazon.com
with the following information:


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