7 Steps Toward Highly-Effective Web Sites, Part 2

May 2003
by David Taylor

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The first steps for saving money, staying safe, and getting what you need as you develop an effective Web site (covered in the April PMA Newsletter) involve–among other things–uptime, hosting providers, outside developers, and portability. What else do you need to do? Read on.


Step #5: Understand Security

Security matters. Most people who are involved with the Internet on a technical level will tell you that intrusion attempts are escalating every quarter and that most software, hardware, and personnel are vastly underprepared for skilled hacks.

What’s the likelihood that your server will be scanned for weaknesses by a hacker? One hundred percent in any given week. Most sites are scanned multiple times daily. Gone are the days when you could rely on obscurity, or the mere fact that there are bigger targets out there. Internet addresses and ports are numerical, and simple math assures us that if there’s a weakness, it will be found and potentially exploited.

The Internet and server security have launched an entire genre of books, magazines, and Web sites. You don’t need to know everything in them, but you do need to know enough to have an intelligent conversation with your technical partners.

Issues will arise that pit security against convenience, and these decisions can’t be taken lightly. The only 100% secure way to protect your site is to disconnect it from the Internet. Since this wi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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