7 Steps Toward Highly-Effective Web Sites, Part 1

April 2003
by David Taylor

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How do you save money, stay safe, and get what you need as you develop
your Web site to sell your books and promote your company? Simple, you
think about the Internet strategically. You demand that Internet initiatives prove themselves now, not in the future. You push your technical personnel to give you data–raw numbers, hits, visits, click-paths, e-mail counts–whatever might help them and you figure out how users convert to customers.
More specifically, I suggest a seven-part system. Read on for the first steps and watch for Part 2 of this article for the rest.

Step #1: The Sacred Torch of Uptime
First assumption: You’re on the Web for business reasons, not vanity. And since your goal is to sell your books and services, time plays a huge factor in how high your numbers can go.
No amount of marketing whiz-bang can make up for lost sales from people who can’t even get through your Web site’s front door. This no-brainer–”Keep your site up and servers running fast”–is as fundamental to your Web success as dribbling is to basketball. Slam-dunks get the applause, but you don’t get down the court without basic skills.
How many customers click off your site because it loads slowly or incompletely? A lot. And you can’t sell them if they never make it inside.

Quality ISPs refer to uptime as a sacred torch–there’s absolutely no excuse for unscheduled outages. Sure, things break and people ma…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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