6 Tips on Getting Comfortable Talking about Your Book

July 2001
by Carra Robertson, Dablond Publishing

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In this business, talking about our books with a sense of ease is not only a skill, it’s a necessity. “Oh dread,” you say? “I’m embarrassed, shy, feel dumb.” We can all relate. But the truth is, if we want people to read our books, we have to talk about them. No matter how brilliant and innovative a publisher and/or publicist might be, authors must be great orators when it comes to selling.

At every turn, there’s opportunity to discuss a book-at signings, seminars, even during casual conversation. The most important hurdle is to change perception. Instead of looking at public speaking as a daunting, horrifying event, we can try to view it as an exciting challenge that can lead to a successful experience and increased sales. In my book, Meditations For Actors: For the Actor Within Us All, I offer more than two dozen positive tools to help you ground yourself and achieve goals more effectively and with greater ease. Especially when it comes time to performing. For my fellow authors, I’d like to share a few key tips for becoming more comfortable with public speaking.

Tip #1. Remember to breathe.“Breathing is instinctual,” you say? Not when you’re terrified! Knowing all eyes are on you and everyone is waiting for you to deliver the goods can be utterly paralyzing. The body’s initial response is to hold the breath. Even having been on the stage hundreds of times, I still have to remind myself to breathe. One or two deep breaths can thaw you from frozen s…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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