Social Media Strategy: Go Where Your Audience Is

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November 2012
by Jeremy Goldman

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When you go to a buffet, do you put a little bit of everything on your plate? Then, after your fourth trip to the buffet table to gorge yourself, do you realize that you might have been better off having had more of one specific dish rather than trying everything? It’s the same way with social marketing platforms. There are so many social networks and apps to investigate, you run the risk of trying to do a little bit with everything, rather than engaging in fewer places more effectively.

I’ve seen some brands get into a firefight trying to prove how Web 2.0 they are. One brand in particular has icons for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, WordPress, Vimeo, and Bebo (a platform that’s fallen completely off the map) on their Web site’s footer. Apparently not everyone gets the old less-is-more adage.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to engage on multiple platforms—in fact, it’s a bit odd to engage on only one—but don’t spread yourself too thin as a brand either. If you think only 5 percent of your customers ever go to a particular social media site, such as Vimeo, don’t spend time there. Focus is a good thing. Spend your time where your customers are.

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