DIY Search Engine Optimization Part 1: Keyword Tactics for Your Site

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July 2012
by Stephanie Chandler

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A Web site owner’s goal should be to have the site appear in the top 10 results when a user searches for a relevant topic. If the topic calls up 10,000 or more results, it may seem impossible to elevate your site into the top 10, but it can be easier than you think, and the process begins with using proper keywords.

Since Google owns 70 percent of the search market, I’ll focus on its processes and algorithms.

Google uses technology called “spiders” that look for keyword concentration as they crawl across Web sites analyzing the text on each page to assess what the site is about. If your Web site focuses on how to make the most of vacations at Grand Canyon National Park, for example, then the site should repeatedly mention various terms related to vacationing there. If “vacations at Grand Canyon” is mentioned just once or twice, Google may not be able to determine the focus of your site and therefore will not serve it up in relevant search results….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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