4 x 4 Marketing

August 2002
by Brian Jud

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Publishers make marketing decisions that are designed to facilitate sales. We publish books, distribute, price and promote them to entice people to buy our product so that we make a profit.

However, the book-buying public looks at this process differently. From their perspective, books are not sold, they are bought–which means that publishers will make more money if they make it easier for people to buy.

So what’s the best book marketing move then? Well, look at the fact that publishers want to make a profitable sale while readers want easily accessible information that they understand will help them and that costs as little as possible. A mutually beneficial solution can arise when you view book marketing as the process that occurs where bookselling and book-buying meet.

This concept may be easier to understand if you look at it as a decision-making matrix. Across the top of the matrix are the four areas under your control as marketing manager. These are the product, the places in which it is sold (distribution), its price, and the ways in which it is promoted. On the vertical axis are the stages in which the buyers will have some experience with your book.


The Marketing Decision Matrix











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