20 Special Insights Into Direct Marketing to the Mature Market

December 1996
by Craig Huey

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The mature market, which I define as people over the age of 55, is so large
that it can no longer be categorized as a niche market. This is an enormous
group–the fastest-growing group of potential customers in the world. And
they have incredible buying power.

Because seniors prefer to be regarded as individuals, direct marketing, by
its very nature, has an automatic advantage over other types of marketing.
Here are 20 special insights that will help you market more successfully to
this ever-increasing segment of the population.

1. Many market segments find a majority of their constituency to the
seniors. In fact, seniors account for 40% of total consumer demand. They
constitute the majority of mail-order buyers, contributors and subscribers.

2. Seniors are the most affluent segment of our society. Fifty-five percent
of all depositors in financial institutions, for example, and 77% of all
assets in the United States are owned by individuals over the age of 55.
Seniors have five times the net worth of the average American.

3. Seniors are savvy consumers, and they are just like every other human
being. They care about three things: Me, Myself and I.

4. The senior market is composed of many subgroups. They are identifiable by
age (under 65 or over 65), economic circumstances (working, fixed income
retired, comfortable or affluent retired), activity intensity (active or
sedentary, travel-eager or travel-indifferent) and so on. Your marketing will…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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