15 Ways to Promote Optimally Online

January 2007
by Patricia L. Fry

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Book Promotion and the Web

15 Ways to Promote Optimally


by Patricia L. Fry


Are you promoting your book
on the Web? I mean, are you really using the Web to gain exposure and sales?
Sure, the book is listed at Amazon.com, and maybe you have a Web site, but what
else are you doing online to attract an audience?


I challenge you to become
proactive. Express your adventurous side. Go where you have not gone before.
You may discover ways to minimize that stack of books in storage and maximize
your bank account.


your site a valuable marketing tool.
Start by examining your Web site. Is it all that it can be? Do your site
statistics indicate that people are visiting, or is traffic sparse? Does your
site appear on the first few pages of a Google search when you use your
strongest keywords? If not, you need to make it easier and more enjoyable for
people to find it and use it.


in a merchant account. Are you set
up to sell your book from your site? I dragged my feet for a long time before
signing up for a merchant account, which proved to be an extremely worthwhile
expense. I have had the account for exactly three years now, and every month
sales have been between $100 and $500—far more than the fee. As an added
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