15 Tips for Successful Relationships with Copyeditors

August 2000
by Robin Quinn, Quinn's Word for Word

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(Author’s Note: As the article mentions, copyediting is defined in
different ways by different publishers. This story views copyediting as a
final process that follows developmental and substantive editing.)

Have you ever received a book back from a printer and wondered how so
many errors were overlooked? Have you felt that you could be producing
higher quality copy? One way to improve your books is to hire freelance
copyeditors. These professionals can fine-tune your manuscripts in the
final stages by addressing clarity, accuracy, grammar, punctuation,
consistency, and wording issues. Here are 15 tips to help you form the
most successful relationships with copyeditors.

1. Use word of mouth to locate the best freelancers.

Find people
who have a positive track record with other book publishers.

2. Also consider hiring those freelancers who contact you directly for

If their credentials are solid and experience applicable to your
company, talk with their references. These freelancers must be interested
in what you publish or they wouldn’t have called or written to your
company. This special interest in your publishing firm can pay off later
in the form of a dedicated freelancer.

You might consider using someone who contacts you as a backup.
Speak to his or her references and keep the freelancer’s contact
information on file. If you get in a pinch, you’ll have someone to

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