12 Ways to Save Money as a Writer & Publisher

January 2001
by Gwendolyn D. Gabriel

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When it comes to saving money, I have mastered the art. After all, I wrote a book about it. My book, Become Totally Debt-Free in Five Years or Less: Pay off your mortgage, car, credit cards and more!, includes hundreds of money-saving ideas to help readers get out of debt. Since this was my first book, I didn’t know much about writing and publishing (let alone ways to save money while doing so). But as a self-proclaimed cheapskate, I quickly learned.
Since I had incorporated my cheapskate ideas into every aspect of my life, I knew I could find ways to save money in the areas of book writing and publishing as well. Now I have to admit, I did enter into this arena with ignorance. For example, before actually going through the writing/publishing process, I just assumed that the author got all (or at least most) of the profits from the sale of a book. Boy, was I ever wrong! (I was in for the shock of my life.) I quickly discovered that, in some instances (especially those who publish their books through publishing houses), authors may get as little as $1.50 per book sale. I immediately questioned, How could this be when the author was the one who created the book in the first place?
I refused to succumb to the idea that the main benefit most new authors should expect is seeing their name in print. I wanted to have the opportunity to benefit financially also. So I asked myself some questions. Was I wanting the impossible? Or could I defy the odds?
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