12 Tips for More Powerful One-on-One Sales Presentations

November 2002
by Robin Bartlett

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I’ve been in the sales and marketing game for my entire publishing career. Recently I was faced with managing a turnaround for a 75-year-old classic medical journal. In just over a year, my ad sales team took the journal from #28 on the list of the top medical publications to #12, measured in terms of ad revenue and pages sold.

This is an extraordinary accomplishment in light of the fact that our industry is suffering from a three-year decline of 20-30% in ad revenues. Naturally I’m very proud of my sales team’s performance, but you may be wondering, “How did you do it?” The simple answer is that we made better sales presentations than our competitors. Here are a dozen sales presentation tips that my team practiced successfully. Try them next time you go to pitch that big company on buying 100,000 copies of your book. Use them when you negotiate with a vendor (or your spouse!) or whenever you’re eyeball to eyeball trying to get someone to see things your way!

Tip #1: Dissect your sales pitch.

Take time to think deeply about the way you currently pitch your book or other product, both face to face and over the phone. It helps to break your pitch down into the basic elements and look at each part in detail. Examine what you say and how you conduct yourself as if you were looking through a critical microscope. Ask a close friend to critique your analysis to insure a balanced view.

Tip #2: Remember when someone di…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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