Here are some testimonials sent in by IBPA members. If you have a story to tell, share it by emailing Angela Bole, IBPA Executive Director, at angela@ibpa-online.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Summit Crossroads Press has been a member of IBPA for a very long time and has used many of IBPA’s marketing opportunities. Through IBPA’s Frankfurt exhibit, we sold rights to our books to eight different countries. We will be including my husband’s latest book, Teenagers & Parents: 12 Steps to a Better Relationship, in IBPA’s upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair Exhibit. ”

— Eileen Haavik McIntire, Summit Crossroads Press

Once again, we feel we must thank IBPA for your member benefits and the services you offer. Though we’re still a very small house with fewer than 40 publications, (but growing!) we’re a very serious publisher who markets all of our titles, and provides support to all of our authors and artists. Two weeks ago, we participated for the first time in the ABA Advance Access Program, and it was so successful for us first time out of the gate that we requested a second run. But when we discussed payment, Mr. Peter Reynolds told us the second time would be on the house, and we feel IBPA had to be informed of that level of service and how much we appreciated that. Additionally, IBPA’s member program with Baker & Taylor also landed us a distributor we trust. We filled out all the paperwork this week. We’ve always put out a professional, high quality publication, but now with IBPA’s help, we feel we’re better than ever. ”

— Kelly Preston, HD Media Press

Maximize Your Sales on Amazon.com is the best IBPA seminar I have listened to and the best publishing seminar I have heard in a long time. I appreciated that [the presenter] said it is very difficult to get your book noticed among the millions of books that are on Amazon. She mentioned that on the Amazon description page one should use bullets, lists, and other short snippets of information.  She explained what items to put in the author bio.

Editorial reviews, Amazon Top Reviewers reviews, and Amazon Vine Reviewers were discussed as sources to get interviews of your book. This seminar had many other helpful tips to help increase the sales of your books.

— George Goddard, 29 Chances Press

Thank you so much for sending the four lists of librarians who showed interest in our titles by clicking on the links in the March 10th K-12 Library e-Blast. These are wonderful contacts we’ll be able to reach out to about our other children’s trade books on science. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in these IBPA e-blasts! ”

— Claire Reinburg, National Science Teachers Association

Publishing University 2015 really worked on every level. I was so glad to be there. Every workshop, all presentations, all sponsors and vendors were informative and friendly and fun. People in publishing are a fine group of people! Thank you IBPA for all your good work – Publishing University might just be the best example to offer proof of your effectiveness. Thank you! ”

— Patrice Maynard, Research Institute for Waldorf Education

Thank you for supplying the recording and PowerPoint [for How to Create Killer Online Author Profiles]. I had an unexpected event that morning which didn’t allow me to participate in the webinar, but having the materials will help. I hate that I had to miss it. Mr. Schwartz did a very good job of speaking. Information was succinct and helpful. ”

— Margaret Spearman, Granite Peak Press

Every aspect of my contact with IBPA makes me feel like a member of a community of lively, talented, smart people who are willing to share their experience and insights about our constantly mutating business. I’m grateful for the work of the IBPA staff and thank you all! ”

— Pam Glenn, Class Action Ink

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the [Books for Review] Catalog. We were happy with the results and will most likely be participating again. Thank you for sending the reviewer information along. ”

— Bethany Coppock, Isaac Publishing
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